Framing Instructions

1.  Place the frame face down on a soft level surface, hanger side up.

2.  Gently bend back tabs on all four sides of the frame and remove the black back board. Do not remove the cutout matboard or the glass from the frame.

3.  Place your diploma face down and center it over mat board, making sure that its sides are parallel to the edges of the opening and the sides of the frame.

4.  Use the peel-off tape included in the package to secure the diploma to the mat board: Peel off tape backing to expose the adhesive side to secure the document to the mat board.

5.  Replace the black back board and push the tabs back into place.

6.  If you ordered a frame with a tassel holder: After installing the diploma, gently bend back flexible back tabs (on the tassel side only), turn the frame so that it is standing upright and the bottom of the frame is resting on a covered table, slide your tassel in the tassel holder, drape tassel cord over cream mat board and tape it to the back of the cream board. Replace the white mounting board and push the tabs back in place.

How to care for your new frame with Plexiglas:

When you clean the acrylic on your frame, be sure to use a SOFT CLOTH AND A MILD CLEANSING SOLUTION (such as a gentle soap and water). NEVER SPRAY DIRECTLY ON THE PLEXIGLASS OR USE AN OVERSATURATED CLOTH because the liquid may seep through a seam, get behind the plexiglas and damage the mat and/or document. Abrasive cloths and strong cleaners may cause damage to the plexiglas.

"Every effort has been made to give you the highest quality frames. We would be most grateful for any suggestions or criticism you may have to help us further improve our services. We want to make you happy with your frame because it is as important to us as we know it is to you."

Freda Cornelius